How the Mobility Audit works  

Mobility data only helps if it is understood and applied. triply's Mobility Audit simplifies this process for your company. 

Mobility Audit - Determine Status Quo


Determine Status Quo

With triply’s Software as a Service solution, you can focus on the value-adding activities in transport planning. Our powerful cloud infrastructure and intelligent algorithms take care of the time-consuming preliminary work and computationally intensive analyses for you – quickly and resource-efficiently.



Uncovering Potential

We provide you with the necessary traffic, mobility and geodata at the same time. This makes incomplete data sets a thing of the past. So you can make reliable and optimal decisions. 

We help you look at current mobility behavior in relation to the simulated maximum potential.

Mobility Audit - Uncovering Potential
Mobility Audit - Develop measures


Develop measures

Identify and create strategies for financial, environmental and health benefit. The intuitive user interface of our SaaS solution makes it easy for you to analyse and plan transport and mobility. 


Understanding mobility indicators and
mobility behavior 

Mobility optimum

Interactive visualisation of mobility indicators and the accessibility of the company location. Modelling of different scenarios in commuter mobility.

  • The ideal mix of foot traffic, cycling, public transport and car
  • Reduce costs, protect the environment, strengthen employee health
  • Integrated consideration of mobility, CSR & HR
  • Crisis management: analysis of movement patterns to protect your employees against infection

Improve site selection 

Our interactive software solution gives you completely new perspectives when planning and designing transport systems. Use the interactive map function, for example, to display the coverage of public transport systems clearly and precisely in the shortest possible time. Or to visualise the effects of changes – due to road works or additional stops – on accessibility. This makes potential analyses and the creation and analysis of different scenarios much easier.

Simplifying complex data sets

We break down the complex.. The triply software allows you to easily create compelling and understandable visualisations for communication with stakeholders and decision-makers.


An intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to analyse and plan transport and mobility. Our solution is designed for a broad group of professional users: from experts to beginners.


High Data protection 

The protection of your data, especially the location and mobility data of your employees, is a top priority for us. The processing of personal data such as the locations and means of transport used by your employees is anonymised. The data is stored securely on servers in Germany or Austria in accordance with the highest standards.

Sustainable corporate
mobility made easy