Automate Your Mobility Analysis and Emission Tracking.


Significantly reduce resources used by streamlining the analysis and reporting of your mobility emissions through our state-of-the-art algorithms and user-friendly interfaces.



Entangled in a time-consuming web of spreadsheets and estimates,
struggling with inaccuracies and overwhelming workloads?


Significant Savings

Dramatically reduce resources spent on trial-and-error approaches. Save time spend and costs accumulated by up to 80%!

Ease of Use

Usage is simplicity itself, while retaining extensive, detail-rich reports and immediately presentable graphics and statistics.

Regulatory Confidence

Confidently meet and surpass regulatory demands. We facilitate audit-proof and board-meeting-ready reporting within the blink of an eye.

Data Headaches Solved

  • We aggregate your data, enrich it with an extensive array of pre-existing information, and present it to you in a straightforward manner

  • No more inaccurate and time-consuming manual labour

Data-driven Mobility Insights

  • Leverage our advanced algorithms, developed through extensive research and in partnership with top research institutions

  • Uncover the depth of your mobility and emission landscape — turning raw data into clear, actionable insights

Global Emissions Reporting

  • Flexibly adapt to any number of locations and circumstances

  • Tailored and accurate emission reports that can immediately be used for emission reporting and executive presentations

Redefine Your Mobility Analysis and Sustainability Reporting!

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