Turbocharge your sales efforts

Our cutting-edge technology is here to empower and streamline your initiatives. Let’s transform mobility together!


Turbocharge your sales


Our cutting-edge technology is here to empower and streamline your initiatives.
Help your clients achieve sustainable mobility ith ease.



Manage the transition to sustainable mobility!


Create Detailed Analyses

Automated analyses of a company's entire mobility-related carbon footprint and current situation.


Quantifiy Your Impact

Calculation of the overall improvement potential taking into account your specific mobility solutions.


Position Your Products

Showcase the possible return on investment for every one of your solutions to simplify client decision-making.

Ohne Titel

Elevate your analysis and recommendations

Comprehensively analyse and easily showcase your client’s mobility potential to qualify your sales efforts.

Turbocharge sales

Boost your teams’s performance by turning complex mobility data into actionable insights and demo-ready presentations.

Boost conversion rate & revenue

Triply isn't just about efficiency; it's about results. By quantifying the potential of your mobility solutions, you establish confidence in your solution and increase your conversion rates and foster business growth.

Use cases for mobility solution providers

  • OEMs

  • Fleet Management Companies

  • E-Scooters Providers

because customers aren't looking for sole products but rather whole solutions


OEMs are facing a shift in customer demand from simply purchasing vehicles to buying holistic mobility solutions. They need to guide customers on the optimal corporate mobility solution while positioning their own products.


triply can help with that. Our tool helps OEMs to overcome their lack of knowledge and tools in this area and offer holistic mobility solutions to their customers. This enables them to become not "only" car seller but rather a holistic mobility provider.

make your fleet management services future proof


Fleet management companies encounter difficulties as the conventional business model starts to decline. Customers are no longer content with simply managing their vehicle fleets; they are seeking holistic mobility solutions.


triply can help fleet management services to offer mobility consulting services to guide their clients in making informed choices and optimizing fleet usage. With our software one can easily analyze their clients' mobility needs and preferences. Use cases, for example, are electrification (analyzing factors like vehicle range, charging infrastructure, and cost savings) or recommending the optimal vehicle mix (including traditional cars, and alternative modes of transportation like e-scooters and shuttle buses).

showcase the value of your products to convince your customers 


While electric scooters have gained widespread attention, it remains challenging for providers to establish a distinctive presence amidst stiff competition and other products to differentiating themselves in a competitive market.


triply changes this. Our tool enables e-scooter providers with powerful analytics to showcase the benefits of their services. Identify potential clients, quantify the environmental impact of your services and offer appealing graphs and statistics, making leads to customers.

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