Solve your clients’ mobility challenges

Use our comprehensive insights, automated analysis and captivating visuals to take your consulting services to a whole new level.


Sustainable mobility for 
your clients’ - achieved with ease.


Use our comprehensive insights, automated analysis and captivating visuals to take
your consulting services to a whole new level.



No more time-consuming analyses, never-ending
spreadsheets, and imprecise formulas!


Create Detailed Analyses

Automated analyses of a company's entire mobility-related carbon footprint and current situation.


Consulting at the click of a mouse

Our algorithms calculate the optimal corporate mobility solutions and provide a roadmap to achieve them.


Quantify and evaluate measures

From job tickets, over home office, to shuttle buses - evaluate all possible measures down to the last detail.

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Save time and resources 

We’re here to increase the speed and cost-effectiveness of your mobility analysis, eliminating the need for time-consuming traditional analyses.

Elevate your service to new heights

We deliver the most precise and easy to use tools out there for you to reinforce your position as a trusted expert.

Made for you and your needs

Seamless integration in your systems, globally scalable, white label solutions, highest standards on data protection, and much more.

Use cases for mobility consultants

  • ESG Reportings

  • Fleet Electrification

  • Last Mile Transportation

Starting from 2024, almost 50,000 companies are subject to mandatory sustainability reporting


Consultants are often tasked with preparing comprehensive emissions reports for a large corporations. This job is time-consuming, complex, and requires precise data analysis.


triply provides a cost-effective and scalable solution in the are of corporate mobility for this problem. Our software automates data collection and analysis including various modes of transportation used by employees. Thereby consultants can generate accurate emissions reports in a fraction of the time, meeting the company's regulatory requirements seamlessly.

92% of companies name "fleet electrification" as one of their main mobility goals


Consultants are assisting a company in deciding which vehicles in their fleet should be electrified to optimize cost savings and environmental impact. The decision involves considering various factors like vehicle usage patterns, range requirements, and charging infrastructure availability.


triply can provide data-driven insights into the fleet's usage patterns. Based on complex algorithms it automatically recommends the most suitable vehicles for electrification. Our software considers all possible factors such as mileage, routes, and charging infrastructure availability to identify the best candidates for electrification. This ensures that the consultant can make informed decisions that maximize cost savings and environmental benefits.

because it's more than just the way employees move


A consultant is working on improving the last-mile transportation options for employees, connecting the central station to the company's premises. The challenge is to determine whether to introduce e-scooters, bikes, or shuttle buses, taking into account cost-effectiveness and employee preferences.


With triply you can conduct a thorough analysis of employee commuting preferences, distances, and cost considerations. Easily evaluate the feasibility and impact of introducing e-scooters, bikes, or shuttle buses for last-mile transportation. Thereby consultants can make data-driven recommendations including visualizations to present a well-informed proposal to the company.

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